Ron Bakker
Ron Bakker

Ron Bakker (Bsc-E, HTS Amsterdam) started working as service manager at Yamaha since 1989, witnessing the introduction of digital mixing consoles with the launch of the DMP7, and a few years later, the 02R. In 2000, he started working as product manager for the commercial audio product group, supporting the introduction of the DM2000 and PM1D digital mixing consoles in central Europe, and leading the marketing of Yamaha’s audio network components – first with Cobranet, later with Ethersound and Dante. He is now working as European systems marketing manager to support the marketing of Commercial Installed Systems in Europe. His job also includes the marketing and support of the Acoustic Field Control system in Europe.


Acoustique active : genèse, réalisations et perspectives
– 12h45

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