JTSE Fair trade

3,200 m2 exclusively dedicated to show and event techniques. The show will welcome national and international manufacturing companies from the following fields: machinery, lighting, audio, scenic, fabrics, stands, seats and bleachers, security, training, design and integration offices as well as distribution companies from the largest global brands. On the first floor, you will find 5 conference rooms where you can assist to a rich program of 16 conferences.

JTSE Lighting

A Dock only dedicated to light, which offers visitors the opportunity to test the latest lighting innovations in an optimal situation.
17 black boxes in which the biggest lighting companies will present their new products.
Positioned face to face, with an offset entrance, each box has a surface area of 50 m2, 7 m per side, a height of 4.25 m and is defined by legs with an amplitude of 30% and a 2 m portal. Special signage will guide visitors to each black box.

JTSE Studio & Immersive Experience

Audio demos:

  • Audio training: workshops of the best consoles!
  • Studio and Immersive Experience: studio equipment and spatialized audio

Full Screen Experience

JTSE introduces its new exhibition space dedicated to screens and LED walls, specially designed for the entertainment and event industry.


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The JTSE, since 1998

The history of the JTSE is particularly atypical in the landscape of national and international trade fairs. Voluntarily registered in a space dedicated solely to entertainment, the JTSE have gradually established themselves as the main professional trade show in France, today also a reference on a European and international scale.

Initially nomadic (Nantes, Lyon, Brussels and Paris), this show was built gradually thanks to exhibitors and visitors, responsible for the various entertainment sectors, and with strong networks and lasting relationships. Since 2006, the Docks de Paris have hosted the JTSE; despite this growth, the quality of visitors has not only remained, but is constantly improving. In addition, this space favors conviviality and meeting national and international know-how; which is now the hallmark of JTSE.

Since the beginning, your membership has continued to grow: thus in 1998, the JTSE had 45 exhibitors and 750 visitors; the 2018 edition welcomed more than 150 exhibiting companies and 6,141 French and foreign visitors.

Premiers pas

Découvrez tout votre espace exposant pas à pas et apprenez à utiliser les outils et services disponibles sur la plateforme en consultant notre tutoriel vidéo.

First steps

Discover all your exhibitor area step by step and learn how to use the tools and services available on the platform by consulting our video tutorial.