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Drive and control systems for the upper stage and lower stage machinery.

Bosch Rexroth has a powerful and lively history, but it’s the people that make our company special. They are the basis of our success: back then in the German Spessart mountains, where it was founded, and today at our numerous locations around the world. Their characteristics have shaped and advanced Bosch Rexroth for over 225 years: pioneering spirit, innovative spirit, customer orientation, commitment and so much more. With these strengths and skills, we can also boldly meet the challenges of the future. We keep on moving.

Standing ovations

Good stage technology is reflected not only in a great show but even more so in a high level of safety. In addition, it must be easy to operate, allow for elements to be added at a later time, and allow the director and set designer to let their imaginations run free. By combining hydraulic and electro-mechanical drives, Bosch Rexroth puts small and large stages into motion and allows for a highly individualized design.

We have been planning and installing custom stage technology for more than three decades. No other supplier has more experience in combining hydraulic, electro-mechanical or hybrid drives. Our high quality, easy-to-operate systems are available for stages of any size – we supply large performing arts centers and small or medium-sized theaters around the globe.



Dock Pullman – Stand 023

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