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Synpase (Syndicat national des professionnels de l’audiovisuel, du spectacle et de l’évènement) was created in 1988 to defend and represent the companies in the professional branch of technical companies serving creation and events, of which it is the majority representative union.
As such, the Syndicat is represented on all professional bodies in the entertainment and events sector, and its teams are in constant contact with their entire ecosystem.

Today, Synpase has over 350 members throughout France, representing nearly 80% of the sector’s consolidated sales. It generates over €1.2 billion in annual sales and employs nearly 30,000 people (7,500 permanent staff and over 21,000 casual entertainment workers).

It was therefore only natural that Synpase should sponsor this second edition of the JTSE Awards, the JTSE being a major event not to be missed by all professionals in the field of show technology!

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