Nicolas Fandard

After a scientific high school diploma and an experience at the University of Humanities and Social Sciences, he was posted to the field to discover the technical professions of the stage, and later obtained a diploma of technical director and a master in culture and communication.
Since 1995, he has been working with technical teams in the performing arts sector. He has successively or simultaneously held the positions of lighting technician, lighting manager, lighting engineer, general manager and technical director. He is currently the deputy technical director of the Domaine d’O EPIC (Montpellier) where he organizes the implementation of various cultural events.
He has been interested in the use of LEDs for live performances since their appearance in the field of stage lighting. In 2013, he became involved in the operation of a new performance hall equipped only with LED source projectors.
He cultivates a critical mind, both professionally and personally, by avoiding beliefs, conformism, and dogmatic thinking.

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