Bérangère Naulot

Bérengère Naulot graduated in scenography at ENSATT in 2003 after a BTS in architectural environment design at Olivier de Serres. She started her career working with creative teams. From stagehand at the TNP in Villeurbanne to prop maker at the Théâtre de la Colline, then project manager in the design office at the Théâtre du Châtelet, she has worked in various cultural structures and in different technical positions. In 2016, she decided to perfect her regulatory and managerial skills by training in technical management at the CFPTS. In 2017, she starts to take part in more important stage management like the general management of the Festival des marionnettes de Charleville-Mézières and then at the Grand Palais on the event “Singin in the rain” orchestrated by the Théâtre du Châtelet. Since 2019, she has been technical director, first at the Bouffes du Nord theater (support for artistic teams, setting up technical teams, budgeting and planning), then at the ephemeral project of cultural urbanism “Transfert” in Nantes (site management, regulatory obligations, audits and maintenance) and finally at Zebulon régie (events, public spaces, communities, audits, eco-responsibility).

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