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Présentation ACTIVOX-C

After several years of research and development in electroacoustic and signal treatment, Active Audio has developed an innovatise solution for sound capture in rooms. This new system, called ACTIVOX-C, tie in with loudspeakers in classrooms or meeting rooms to facilitate the listeners’comprehension and to reduce the speaker fatigue. ACTIVOX-C’s amplification offsets the effects of sound voice reduction due to mask or minoir hearing deficiency. ACTIVOX-C’s sound quality and high level of connectability make it compatible with all kind of sound systems or video-conference system.

The embedded technology in ACTIVOX-C enables an easy installation: a socket is enough, and an easy utilization: only one activation button. Placed in the ceiling and working in an autonomous way, ACTIVOX-C does not require maintenance. When the speaker gives a speach in the capture zone, his voice is automatically amplified and broadcasted in the room or toward away areas.

ACTIVOX-C is a solution designed and made in France which reduce voice tiredness of teachers or lecturer, enables distance education and videoconference, and offers an easy, reliable, not expensive solution as soon as the voice need to be broadcasted toward an away area as well as it is amplified locally.


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