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Covid: health protocol


The health requirements put in place for the JTSE are established according the sanitary standards of the event sector validated by the French government on June, 17th 2020. They may be adapted according the evolution of the epidemiological situation.


A responsible COVID is present during JTSE fair. He is in charge of the application and respect of the health protocol during the whole duration of the fair (including assembly and disassembly). He informs the exhibitors and staff about the safety tips they have to respect.
A flow plan as well as flow control is put in place in order to respect physical distancing between the attendees.


A special signage is put in place on the different strategic points of the fair in order to remind the barrier gestures and the health rules.
The map of the fair indicates all the handwashing stations of the fair.


General rules

Face masks are mandatory for visitors, exhibitors and staff.
Specific doors are dedicated to entries/exits in order to facilitate the flow of the visitors.
In the reception hall (Dock Haussmann) special signage is present in order to remind people to respect the barrier measures and physical distancing in the queue.

The number of visitors is limited to 2000 persons in dock Pullman, 1000 in Dock Eiffel and 1000 in dock Haussmann – 1 person / 1.5 m2.
A counting system is put in place in order to control the visitors’ number with a real-time alert system (SMS) for the responsible of each building of the fair.
A direction of the public flow indicated with a floor signage is mandatory in the Dock Pullman.
Distributors of hand sanitizers and face masks are provided to the public at the different points of the fair. Their location is indicated on the general map of the fair.
Trash bins equipped with an automatic cover are available for the public at the entrances and exits of the fair to collect used face masks.

Reception staff of the fair

Reception and safety staff use a face mask or a face protective visor during the whole duration of the fair.
Hand sanitizer stations are available for public conspicuously at the entrance of the fair.

Common spaces of the fair

Commonly touched surfaces of the fair are cleaned and disinfected using an approved household disinfectant with an increased frequency. A document of the following of the cleaning and disinfection is present on the different spaces and controlled by the responsible COVID.
Common space planning (conferences spaces, bars, …) will be adapted to ensure a physical distancing of 1 m minimum : 1 empty seat between each attendee in the conference spaces, no consumption around the bars).
During the cigarette break authorized outside of the buildings, avoid remaining in groups of people if a physical distancing of 1 m cannot be respected.

  • Individual permanence is ensured in each toilet.
  • Common touched surfaces of the toilets will be cleaned and disinfected after each use: door knobs, toilet flush handles, toilet and toilet seats, tap handles.
  • Distributors of hand paper towels, paper napkins.

Food trucks (outside)Food trucks (outside)

  • Floor signage of physical distancing in the waiting areas
  • All the tables (high bar tables) placed with a distance of 1 m minimum one from another;
  • High bar tables of 4 persons maximum;
  • Presentation of the menus on a board (no paper menus);
  • Contactless payment and pay at table if possible.


Assembly & Disassembly

Please respect health requirements and particularly:

  • No exchange instruments ;
  • Respect the work areas, the direction of the flow;
  • Wear work gloves and a face mask to avoid the injuries and the spread of the virus;
  • Respect the physical distancing working side by side instead of face to face.

During disassembly, make sure that your staff or your providers let the place clean and organized and particularly for disposable accessories (face masks, gloves) that have to be placed in a waste bag, which has to be removed by them.

  • Exhibitors have to clean regularly with disinfect towels their public access terminals (it is for them to equip themselves with these towels).
  • Hand sanitizers or other disinfectant solution has to be proposed at each booth in addition of the devices available on the fair.
  • Shared accessories or accessories habitually available to public are banned (pens, goodies).
Cocktails on the booths
  • Cocktails are authorized on the booths. If possible, it is important to respect a distance of 1 m2 by homogenous groups (of persons who came together on the fair). In case of impossibility, it is advised to use a face mask.
  • A service on platter is – as far as possible – better than buffet to avoid a grouping of customers and employees.
  • When guests arrive, recommend them to use available hand sanitizer or wash their hands, as well as alert them about the health protocol of the fair.
  • During the cocktails, emphasize individual service set (glasses, cutlery, paper napkins) and ask your customers to keep a unique glass during the event. All the glasses or utensils found outside the booths, in the common spaces, will be thrown away.
  • Avoid the use of objects that could be touched by several customers (salt shakers, …).


A location separated from public will be available to isolate visitors and/or staff who demonstrate signs or symptoms of COVID-19. It will be equipped with face masks, gloves and water bottles.

  • In absence of gravity signs: call a doctor or ask the person to contact his/her doctor for medical advice. If confirmation of absence of gravity, the person will be helped to return home.
  • In case of gravity signs: (respiratory distress): call 15 in order a doctor could speak with the person and provide him/her medical assistance.
  • If the case COVID is confirmed: all the contacts evaluated « at risk » will be taken in charge and placed in quarantine.